Iron & Wedge Index

The goal of this blog is to teach a unified swing.  This means that once you have the components of an efficient driver swing mastered there are only a few small changes needed to master the iron and wedge swing.  For that reason, several of the entries below will overlap with those of the driver (denoted with a *).   If you don’t see a star (*) assume that there is something different than the driver entry.


Camera Set Up

1.  Face On Camera Set Up

2.  Down the Line Camera Set Up

Face On

3.  Ball Position & Stance Width*

4.  Line 1 & Line H

5.  Power Pivot – Progressive Swing Length

6.  Lag*

Down the Line

7.  Posture at Set Up*

8.  Arms and Hands at Set Up*

9.  Swing Plane*

10.  Top of the Swing*

11.  The One-Piece Take-Away*

12.  Keeping Your Clubface Square*

13.  Quiet Legs*


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