19 07 2008

I have been checking back every now and then and noticed that I am still getting a lot of people visiting this site. Please visit the new site at It contains this post as well as many others – much better written





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29 05 2009
Power Pivot – Progressive Swing Length « Visit the new site at

[…] Driver v. Irons/Wedges: There are two big differences however between the power pivot for the driver and the power pivot for your irons and wedges.  First, if you look at the power pie for the sand wedge and compare it to the power pie for the driver, you should see that it is significantly smaller.  As a general rule, the more narrow your stance becomes the smaller your power pie will be.  Second – my favorite result of the power pie with my irons/wedges – the club did not go as far back with the sand wedge or 7 iron as it did with the driver.  This is not on purpose but in rather the farthest that my body will let me take the club back using the power pie.  As a result, I still feel like I am taking a full swing and as a bonus, my lag naturally increases because of the shorter swing. (see Lag). […]

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